Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stylish Eco Bags that Actually Last

At an expo I attended three years ago, Yogi Times (an excellent publication, btw) was giving away Envirosax, which are beautiful reusable nylon bags in striking colors and patterns. I’ve been through my share of eco bags – and Envirosax are by far my favorite. They surpass reusable plastic, canvas, and other nylon bags (including Chico bags) when it comes to durability, value , and ease of cleaning. After three years of using that one bag (without a single tear or nick) for everything from groceries to laundry to an attractive over-the-shoulder yoga mat carrier – with space still for a towel, water, and wallet bottle too) I finally splurged on a few more. Forget those horrid reusable bags they sell or give away at grocery store chains. Those things break, don’t hold much, and don’t wash well. Envirosax hold up to 30 lbs, will last years, and will make a fashion statement while you shop. Approx $8 each -- less when you buy a five-pack

DEAL OF THE DAY: – they offer free shipping. Sign up for their newsletter, and get an extra 15% off.