Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Power of Honey on Coughs and Allergies

As I stay home this week with my very sick 7 year old, I’m reminded of just how well honey works to treat a bad cough. A 2007 study proved that a teaspoon of honey before bed suppresses a cough better than over-the-counter cough medicine, and my kids are living proof. We don’t bother with cough meds anymore – not even holistic ones. Why should we when honey is cheaper, fresher, and contains absolutely no chemicals? Raw buckwheat honey works the best, in my opinion. Unlike most raw, unheated, unpasteurized honeys, buckwheat honey is smooth, rich, clear and liquid-like. Not to mention it’s delicious in teas, smoothies, and baked goodies.

For allergy sufferers, a teaspoon of local honey consumed each day helps acclimate the body to pollens that exist in a local area. To reap this benefit, however, the honey must be produced in the person’s residing city, state or region.