Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Safest Sunscreen on the Market- Badger

Looking for a sunscreen that is all-natural, WATERPROOF, unscented, and affordable? Then run to Wholefoods (or an online retailer, such as Amazon) and stock up on Badger Spf30 Unscented. A 2.9 ounce tube will cost around $15 (a steal compared to $25 for California Baby). Badger consistently rates at the top of the EWG Safest Sunscreens list. The 20.5% zinc formula contains NO chemicals or nanoparticles (a hot debate these days) and is safe for adults and children. I've had my kids at the beach for 6 long summer hours wearing Badger. I reapplied once after about 3.5 hours and NO ONE got a sunburn (or a tan, thank you very much.) Make sure you buy the Unscented (beige label) variety. The original "lightly scented" version is actually "heavily" scented with lavender, which kept the bees following us the entire day when we used it. (Not to mention, lavender is a possible endocrine disruptor.)