Monday, July 19, 2010

Only 100% Natural Pacifier Sold in the U.S.

My first child had little interest in pacifiers. My second, however, came into the world with a serious oral fixation that could only be quenched by a pacifier (AND around the clock nursing, AND every toy and household object she could fit in her mouth…). Fortunately, she took to the flatter orthodontic shaped pacifiers, which are supposedly better for the teeth. Unfortunately, all orthodontic pacifiers in the U.S. used hard plastic shields – until now.

Meet the Natursutten Pacifer. The first non-toxic 100% natural rubber pacifier in the U.S. (courtesy of Denmark).

Playtex, Soothies, and GumDrops pacifier brands all offer one-piece, non-toxic silicone pacifiers (NOT natural rubber though). However, to date, the all-silicone pacifiers in the U.S only offer the rounded nipple – not the ortho nipple. Natursutten offers both.

Natursutten Pacifiers contain no artificial colors, cancer-causing substances, chemical softeners, parabens, PVC or phthalates. In addition, they are actually more hygienic than pacifiers with plastic shields because Natursuttens are molded into one piece, leaving no joints or crevices for dirt, old water, and bacteria to hide. And did I mention how cute they are?

TIP: I actually think the Natursutten is going to help us with pacifier-weaning (which we plan to do by age 3). Although the Natursutten is soft and pliable and easy to suck, somehow it does not have the same magnet pull as a plastic shield, so I find my daughter taking it out (on her own) more often and just setting it aside when she doesn’t need it. Before you know it, she won’t need one at all anymore. In the meantime, at least I can feel better about indulging her – now that there is a natural option to turn to.

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