Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Stone that Cleans Toilets

I finally found a natural solution to those dark hard water stains in the toilet that no scrub brush on the planet can seem to attack. You know what I mean -- those hard to reach dark spots that look like rust (or leftover you-know-what). Came across this tip when I was looking through my well-warn copy of "Clean House Clean Planet" by Karen Logan. (The bible - by the way - for anyone wanting a "greener" clean at home.) She suggests using a pumice stone. Yes, that inexpensive stone most of us use on our calloused feet. Well, guess what, it gently rips those water spots off of porceline just as well. With a little water and elbow grease, it will disolve any hard water spot in your toilet bowl. Best part, it doesn't even scratch the bowl. HINT: Use gloves for this one -- and turn the water off on your toilet while trying to get to harder-to-reach areas.

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