Sunday, September 4, 2011

Use Cloth in lieu of Paper to Soak Grease

If you're a bacon lover like me (pork, turkey OR veggie) you've probably been guilty of soaking your bacon grease on a paper towel or two over the years. But have you ever thought about what may be leaching into your bacon from those paper towels? Bleach, dioxins and BPA - just to name a few of the toxins not meant to be ingested by humans. Not to mention - you're wasting yet another tree. So next time you get the bacon bug, simply lay a cloth napkin, flour sack or cheesecloth across a plate and use that to absorb the excess grease. Yes - it will stain your cloth a bit, so be sure to use an older cloth and consider just making it your dedicated "bacon soaker."

TIP: Be sure to soak the cloth in soap and water afterward so your next load of laundry doesn't reek of bacon.

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