Monday, January 2, 2012

Best Stainless Steel Lunch and Snack Containers

LunchBots Stainless Steel Lunch Containers
I'm proud to say I have never used a plastic container for my children's school lunches. I won't even buy those adorable and incredibly functional bento lunch boxes because the insides are always plastic, plastic, plastic. I use only stainless steel containers when I pack my girls' lunches - so I've had the opportunity to try just about every brand on the market. My fav by far are the LunchBots. LunchBots are incredibly well made, sturdy and 100% stainless - including the lid. The Duo and Pico models are great because the divider allows you to pack multiple items in one container. I have bought several stainless lunch containers (made by popular companies) that have plastic tops, but the plastic tops all eventually tear or breakdown. Yes, you'll pay a few dollars more for a LunchBot - but when your kindergarten is packing that same container on her first day of middle school, you'll be thanking yourself.

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