Monday, September 10, 2012

Grassmilk by Organic Valley - A Healthier Choice for Milk

Grassmilk by Organic Valley - Milk from 100% Grass-Fed Cows
Finally - a highly reputable and humane California dairy farm and national milk supplier is selling 100% organic grass-fed milk. Grassmilk, a new product by Organic Valley, is by far the healthiest cow's milk available to the general public (other than raw, unpasteurized, organic grass-fed cow's milk which is highly regulated and harder to come by). I almost fell over when I came across it at my local Whole Foods market this summer. Grassmilk is pasteurized (aka, not raw) but because it is not homogenized it contains that ever-so-luscious cream at the top that makes milk extra delicious. And because the cows are grass-fed, the milk contains naturally occurring omega-3s, CLA and calcium. Most dairy cows (even on organic farms) are fed an unnatural diet of corn, soy, oats, alfalfa or other feed which lack the nutrients cows receive from grass. (Not to mention - said ingredients are usually are usually genetically modified). To make matters worse, because cow's stomachs are designed to eat grass - not oats or other feed -  the cows often get sick, which leaves them in need of antibiotics, which then get transferred to us when we eat or drink dairy products.

Of course the truth is humans are simply not designed to drink any sort of cow's milk. If you happen to be like me, however, and you enjoy a bit in your daily coffee or tea each day, in cereal maybe once a week, and every now and then in a tall cold glass with a plate of cookies, then you might as well go for the best.  So whether you are a daily drinker or an occasional user, organic grass-fed milk is simply the healthiest option available  - and it tastes the best too.

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