Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fresh Organic Corn Tortillas Now Sold at Supermarkets

All-Natural, Organic Tortillas by Mi Rancho 
I almost fainted when I walked into my local Vons market (part of the Safeway chain of supermarkets) and found a display carrying these fresh, all-natural, organic corn tortillas made by Mi Rancho, a California tortilla company. Having grown up in Los Angeles, I'm a sucker for real Mexican-style tortillas. I have been known to forgo frozen organic tortillas at health food stores just to experience the lush flavor of soft, fresh hand-crafted corn tortillas. Actually, I won't even buy frozen tortillas. There is no point. To me, they taste like wet cardboard. But thanks to Mi Rancho, I can now have both - fresh AND organic. Please..Powers-That-Be...may you keep these tortillas coming to my local supermarket! I have been seeing them in all the major chains lately (although, interestingly, NOT at Whole Foods). The reason organic is so important when it comes to corn tortillas these days is that most corn crops are now produced by genetically modified seeds. The only way to avoid GMOs when it comes to corn is to buy organic. So go to your local grocer today and demand that they carry Mi Rancho Organic Corn Tortillas today!

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