Friday, March 29, 2013

Benefits of Glass Food Storage Containers

Glass Food Storage
As far as I'm concerned, one simply can not have enough glass food jars for storage. They can be used for everything you buy in bulk - but also for anything you buy in plastic (like cereal) that you wish to get OUT of plastic ASAP. Like rice, for example. I don't buy rice in bulk because I find the quality and taste goes down too much when its exposed to prolonged air. Instead, I buy rice in prepackaged plastic or paper bags and transport it to its designated "rice" jar.

By storing food in glass jars instead of plastic, you lessen your exposure to the the toxic hormone disruptors found in plastic. Food also tends to taste better when stored in glass, because unlike plastic, glass does not absorb the taste and smell of what was previously stored in it.

When buying items for your bulk jars, bring the jars themselves to the store. The store will happily weigh the jars for you (when you arrive) and not charge you for the weight of the glass when you check out. Remember, glass storage is NOT just for bulk items. You can use them in the meat and cheese departments as well. Of course, for meat and cheese, you'll want smaller, more rectangular glassware like those made by Pyrex (see below). Glass food storage jars are available in local super markets, Macy's, Bed, Bath and Beyond and

Pyrex Glass Food Storage

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Frediy said...

Glass as an impermeable item helps in keeping food products safe from external elements like microorganisms, which does not keeps the product fresh while stored but also extends the shelf life of the products. Along, with that the non-toxic nature of glass makes it safe for storage of edible products for longer duration’s. Lastly and most importantly glass bottles helps in preserving flavour of food’s longer than any other form of packaging.