Friday, August 23, 2013

How to Kill Fleas Naturally

Nontoxic Method for Killing Fleas: Apple Cider Vinegar 
Our first family dog - and my first dog since the age of seven - joined our family yesterday. Because she is a rescue who was living in foster care with 8 other dogs until that point, a large pack of fleas decided to come along for the ride. Her wonderful foster mother had her doused twice with serious flea meds, yet there they were: hundreds of flat black specks darting in and out of her soft white fur.   They immediately made me think of the lice I went to war with (twice) on my children's scalps and I couldn't help but wonder if that natural solution would kill this enemy as well. I turned to Google to find out and sure enough, tons of people were having success using the same ingredient I used to kill lice: apple cider vinegar. A solution so simple, it's a wonder more people haven't discovered it.

I ran a bath for my precious new pup last night (her very first night home), soaped her up, then rinsed her off with a solution of 1:1 organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. I fluff dried her with a towel and this morning -- all we could find on her were dead fleas. No more live ones! As a bonus, her fur was extra shiny and soft (just like my hair is when I find time to do a vinegar rinse to it). Now I'm planning to try the vinegar rinse on our dog weekly to see if it helps keep future infestations at bay. I'll be sure to  post updates on our progress.

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