Sunday, October 27, 2013

GMO-Free Tostitos Actually Exist

Organic, GMO-Free Tostitos
There are many restaurant-style tortilla chips on (and in) the market these days,  but in my mind, none holds a candle (or a corn cob) to the crispy, light, just-right salted perfection of a Tostito chip. It's like a bite of sunshine in your mouth. It's just too bad that sunshine had to made out of genetically modified ingredients. That's right - like most corn products, the regular Tostitos brand is tainted by the engineered path by which it obtained its corn. As a matter of fact, the Tostitos parent company Frito Lay is still fighting a class action lawsuit that would like to see the company remove the "all natural" title from its chips since most will argue that corn grown from genetically modified seeds can hardly be called "natural." (Perhaps Frito Lay will change the wording to  "All-Lab Created")  In the midst of this controversy, Frito Lay did something smart: they produced an organic, GMO-free chip that tastes exactly like the GMO version. This one is called "Simply Natural,"  is sold at all major grocery stores, and will run you about one dollar more per bag. Is it worth the extra money to avoid feeding your family genetically altered food? I believe it is - for now. I also believe that if we tell companies we want  more organic, GMO-free products then the demand will push down the cost  and soon everyone will be able to afford to eat GMO-free.

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