Monday, June 30, 2014

All Natural Scalp Exfoliation

Not Just for Baking -  Baking Soda Exfoliation for the Scalp Soothes Itching and Kills Bacteria
If you suffer from dandruff, allergies that affect the scalp, or hair product overload then it's time to exfoliate with good old fashion baking soda. Scalp exfoliation with baking soda will not only kill any yeast buildup, it will also make you feel as if you've been to the spa (for just a handful of pennies, no less). Follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse to complete the treatment, and your scalp will be thanking you for weeks. Or until you eat too much sugar again (which can cause dandruff when the sugar turns to yeast in your system and clogs the pores in your scalp as it's trying to exit your system).

How to Exfoliate Scalp with Baking Soda:

  1. Wet hair thoroughly (best to do in the shower or tub).
  2. Pour about two tablespoons of fresh baking soda into your palm.
  3. Add drops of water to the baking soda until it forms a paste.
  4. Start at the temples and begin massaging the baking soda paste into your scalp in a circular motion.
  5. Avoid the strands and ends of hair - and focus only on the scalp. Use more baking soda to create enough paste to massage your entire scalp.
  6. IMPORTANT: Rinse with COLD water (not warm). Cold water helps close the pores of the scalp. 
  7. If you have longer hair, it's important to follow the scalp exfoliation with an apple cider rinse, otherwise your hair will feel dry and tangly. Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar to 5 parts water. 
  8. Lean your head back when pouring the vinegar mixture onto your scalp. Start with the scalp, but work the mixtures into your ends. 
  9. AGAIN - VERY IMPORTANT: Rinse with cold water (not warm).
  10. If the smell of the vinegar is lingering or bothering you, follow up with some cream rinse on the ENDS ONLY. Do not put ANY products (or cream rinse) on your scalp.
You'll find that the baking soda treatment doesn't just treat the itching, it actually cleans the scalp so you  won't have to shampoo for days (or ever again … really ...if you become a no-poo believer).

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