Wednesday, September 7, 2016

All-Natural Pillow Made with Hypoallergenic Kapok

Organic Kapok Pillow by Bean Products
So, you've "gone green" and bought yourself some organic sheets (maybe) and forgotten (probably) to "green" the pillow INSIDE the organic pillow case. No one should be resting their head on chemically treated polyester anymore. Ditch that toxic thing and go all natural! What are your choices? Well, there's down, wool and latex -- but many people are allergic to these. Buckwheat is GREAT but it feels a bit like sleeping on magic beans, which just doesn't work for some folk. Cotton FILLED pillows are nearly impossible to find since (a) cotton is highly flammable (on it's own) and (b) as a pillow filling, it clumps.

I had tried ALL of these "green" pillow options myself and not found a single one I loved UNTIL I discovered Kapok. Kapok is a silky, cotton-like fiber that covers the seeds of the tropical Ceiba Tree, (aka the Kapok tree). It makes the PERFECT natural pillow filling because it is soft yet firm, has no scent, and does not need to be chemically treated. Best of all Kapok is sustainable because no chemicals are needed to grow it, it is not genetically modified and no crops are destroyed when it is harvested. Pair the Kapok filling with an organic cotton cover - and you've got the perfect pillow!

Kapok Fiber from the Ceiba (aka Kapok) Tree - Photo Courtesy of Bean Products
I bought my organic Kapok pillow for about $40 from Bean Products via However, NaturepedicBrentwood Home and other online retailers also sell organic Kapok pillows at reasonable prices.

NOTE: Whatever you do - DO NOT replace your polyester pillow with a foam, gel or corn stock (aka PLA fiber) pillow. All of these are just as toxic as polyester (if not more so) so don't fall for any green-washing marketing spiel that tries to tell you otherwise!

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