Thursday, September 12, 2019

GMOs in Milton's Popular Supermarket Breads

From the "Healthy Section" of the Bread Aisle  - Milton's Bread with GMOs and Dave's Killer Bread without
Milton's Healthy Whole Grain and other "Craft Bakers" bread flavors have long been thought of as the "healthier choice" when it came to grocery store breads. Unfortunately, just because Milton's breads do not contain high fructose corn syrup (as most store-bought breads do) this does NOT mean they are all-natural. Notice (in the photo above) they tout their bread as "HEALTHY" but nowhere will you find the words "all natural" nor will you find the NON-GMO or USDA certified ORGANIC label as is found on the packaging of TRUE natural bread, such as the DAVE'S KILLER BREAD brand (also pictured above), which, THANKFULLY, is now also sold in traditional supermarkets.

The fact of the matter is, Milton's uses corn, soy and sugar all of which are genetically modified in every loaf of their bread. This is odd when you consider the fact that the Milton's brand puts the NON-GMO label on literally ALL their crackers, chips and cookies. Maybe if enough of us reach out on their comments page and demand non-genetically modified ingredients Milton's might actually listen.

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