Saturday, April 16, 2011

Natural Remedy for Nail Fungus

I have to confess to an embarrassing affliction: for years I suffered from a mild (but unattractive) toenail fungus infection in one of my big toes. I wouldn't touch the internal anti-fungal meds -- as they are all associated with possible liver damage and other serious side effects. So instead I tried virtually every topical NATURAL (and natural-ish) solution under the sun: daily tea tree oil application, daily vinegar soaks, nightly Vics applications. NOTHING worked (and all of them smelled the house up).Finally - I tried daily soaks in hydrogen peroxide. Within a week - I could see a huge difference. Within months, the toenail fungus was completely gone.

To get started – buy some large bottles of hydrogen peroxide ( Costco sells them in bulk for super cheap). Next, pour just enough into a bowl to soak the number of affected nails you have (don’t soak the whole foot). Allow your toes to soak for about 10 minutes each day (you can skip a day occasionally, but NOT MUCH MORE -- or the fungus will keep growing. Fungus LOVES the dark moist underworld of our nails.

TIP: Be sure to RINSE with water and moisturize your toes and feet after each soak, as the peroxide can make your skin dry.


Unknown said...

I have the same problem, my dr. told me the nail fungus was far less harmful than the pills and did not recomend them at all.

Marni said...

Your dr. is right! Definitely give the peroxide a try.

john said...

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