Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags in Cool Retro Styles

Urban Harmonie Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags
Because I care about what goes into my kids' bodies, I pack their school lunches every day. I also care about the materials used to carry their food to and from school since trace amounts of whatever that material is will inevitably end up in their bodies too. When I found out that the Canadian company Urban Harmonie was making lunch bags that were BPA free, PVC free, lead Free (not merely "lead safe"), phthalate free AND formaldehyde free - I just had to check them out.

Urban Harmonie lunch bags are made out of laminated cotton and contain absolutely no glues or resin. What my kids love best about them are the adorable retro-inspired fabrics. What I love best about the bags is how roomy and heavy duty they are. I pack all my kids' lunch food in stainless steel containers - so roominess and durability really are key. The Urban Harmonie large lunch sack has room for my daughters' bulky Thermos Funtainer and several stainless steel food containers - which is perfect because my kids eat a ton.  I'm talking a minimum 6 to 8 containers, including main course, snacks, nuts, yogurt, etc. No joke! If your kids keep their food outside at school, be sure to order the Tall Boxed Lunch Bag WITH Zipper. If they keep their food inside, or stored it in a zippered back pack, then the bags with the cute button closurs will do just fine.

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