Friday, February 24, 2012

Waste-Free Birthday Party Goody Bags

Waste-Free Goody Bag
Who doesn't love a good goody bag? We know kids do. They pretty much demand them upon leaving a birthday party these days. Parents hate them (at least I do) because of the excess candy, plastic toy fillers, and plastic or paper bag waste. Honestly, I would love to join the "Goody Bag Boycott" that is on the rise - parents who flat out refuse to provide their little guests with any trinkets whatsoever when they leave the party. This is how it SHOULD be; after all, we go to a birthday party to celebrate the birthday child, whose parents already shelled out a small bundle for food, cake and entertainment. However, I am just not there yet. My kids simply LOVE the idea of creating a take-away for their party guests and so I've decided to indulge them in this little childhood desire...but on my own healthy, planet-friendly terms.

This was our waste-free, plastic-free, eco-friendly Goody Bag solution for the last birthday:

* A  "design-your-own" unbleached, 100% cotton tote bag (bought in bulk from Joanne's Fabics)
* Handmade felt puppets (you can buy felt puppet kits - or make your own)
* A few small pieces of chocolate

I set up two craft tables: one with fabric markers for the kids to "design" their own bags and another with colorful felt puppet bodies and cut out felt eyes, ears, noses, hats, etc. so they could "design" their own puppets to take home. At the end of the party, the kids packed their puppets into their bags and the party girl dropped in a few pieces of yummy chocolate. The bags are big enough to be used as book bags, small totes or lunch bags - we use ours for lunch. They do great in the washing machine!

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