Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Safe Glass Storage for Homemade Baby Food

Safe Glass Storage for Baby Food by Wean Green

Check out these adorable eco-friendly tempered glass food containers by Wean Green. I wish this company was around during my kids' baby food years. I had to rely on small Pyrex bowls I bought in bulk from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Those are great from refrigerator storage but nowhere near as sturdy as the Wean Green's tempered glass so there was no way I was going to toss one in my diaper bag. Wean Green jars are so sturdy you can drop them countless times and they will not break. And of course because they are made of glass, they won't leach harmful toxins into your baby's food (the way plastic does - especially when heated or sitting in the sun). The Cube (pictured in blue above) is the perfect size for fresh baby food on the go. My 9 year old "baby" packs hers with carrots for school - and because the glass is so sturdy, I don't even worry about breakage.

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