Thursday, May 31, 2012

Soy-Free Organic Chocolate

Soy-free Organic Chocolate by Theo Chocolates
Yum! I just picked up a bar of Theo Organic Fair Trade Milk Chocolate from my local grocery store and I'm in heaven. The ingredients are 100% organic, minimal, pure and soy-free. Believe it or not, finding soy-free chocolate is nearly impossible. Even most so-called "natural" brands use soy-lecithin as an emulsifier which cheapens the taste and exposes you to genetically modified ingredients (since virtually all soy comes from genetically modified crops unless it is organic soy and you don't see much "organic soy-lecithin" in anything).

Next time you're craving chocolate, read the labels before you buy and try to skip the soy.

Theos Chocolate can is found in most grocery and healthfood store.

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