Monday, October 1, 2012

Make Your Own Waste-Free Yogurt Push Pops

My kids love frozen yogurt tubes - but I hate the excess sugar and plastic waste. For years I dreamt of being able to make our own less sweetened, organic version that I could somehow freeze and transport to school in a reusable yet not messy container. Well, after years of searching I finally found the solution: It's the Norpro Silicone Ice Pop Maker. It's a 4-piece colorful silicon set that be can used to freeze any drink or yogurt concoction.

My personal favorite is a Grape Yogurt Push-Up.

How to make it:
  • In a mixing cup, stir together: 1 cup lowfat, organic yogurt (the runny type is best), 3 tablespoons organic grape and 2 table spoons maple syrup or raw agave. (Add more or less as desired)
  • Pour into each silicon tube and pop the cap on.
  • Place all 4 pops into a cup or bowl to keep upright and freeze.  
Pack for school the next day and your yogurt tube will still be cold and semi-frozen by recess...the perfect time for a protein break!

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