Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Most Affordable All-Natural Shampoo on the Market

Hugo Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner - 100% Natural
It's nearly impossible to find 100% natural shampoos in the U.S. Almost all shampoos sold at drug stores, grocery stores, department stores AND health food store contain toxic, cancer-causing ingredients. What a shocker, you say. Well, not really. Large companies sink a ton of money into cheap, lab-created ingredients that are then marketed to us as must-have, silken-producing, body-enhancing products we cannot possibly live without. What we can live without, however, are the chemicals required to produce said results. Last year, the always-amazing Environmental Working Group ( created a list ranking almost all shampoos sold in the U.S. according to toxicity levels. Most of the "safest shampoos" on the list (with a toxicity score of ZERO), however, can only be found online by small companies who carry big price tags. After scouring the "zero" toxicity subgroup of 119 shampoos I found only one all-natural shampoo that stood out for being both affordable and readily available (at health food stores, drugstores, local groceries AND at Hugo Naturals Vanilla and Sweet Orange Volumizing Shampoo.

I've now been using Hugo Naturals Vanilla and Sweet Orange Volumizing Shampoo (which sells for about $8 a bottle) for over a year and I have found that it leaves my (naturally curly) hair very supple, full bodied and sweet smelling. My kids love when I use it on them because they think it smells like cake! Hard to beat a shampoo that is less than $10, smells like cake, and has zero cancer-causing ingredients.
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