Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to Tell if Sugar is GMO-free and Vegan

Organic Pure Cane Sugar - Guaranteed to Be GMO-Free and Vegan
Sugar is not good for anyone - plain and simple - but if you want to treat yourself or your family to something sweet, your healthiest route is to go organic, vegan and GMO-free. The simplest way to accomplish all three is to read the label and look for one simple ingredient: organic pure cane sugar. The "pure cane" aspect ensures that the sugar came from the sugar cane plant and not from a sugar beet, as sugar beet crops are highly genetically modified these days. The "organic" aspect ensures this as well but also guarantees that the sugar was not bleached with bone char, the secret tool used by many sugar companies to whiten to their sugar, even "pure cane sugar." That's right - most white sugar is not vegan. It requires the use of animal byproducts (bone) to make it that white-as-snow color we all associate with sugar. Sugar-in-the-raw and all organic sugars are the exception. Brown sugar, however, is simply refined sugar that has been flavored by molasses (and sometimes artificially colored as well) to  dark it, moisten it and alter its flavor. In other words, unless your brown sugar comes from "organic pure cane" sugar crops, it it is likely genetically modified AND not vegan.

So, next time you're shopping for treats or setting out to make your own, don't waste money on special "vegan" or "GMO-free" packaging. Just look for "organic pure cane" - and you'll have accomplished both.

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