Thursday, April 11, 2013

What $20 Can Buy at the Farmers' Market

Organic Produce and Raw Dairy from a local Farmers' Market
A lot of folks complain that organic produce and dairy are simply too expensive for their weekly budget. In our family, it is the one thing we splurge on. We are lucky, mind you, because we live in Southern California where sun, produce and happy cows are plentiful. Yet still, even in so cal, many families just don't know how or where to get the most for their money when it comes to organics. Most of the time, it is NOT at your local Wholefoods Store but rather at your local food co-op, chain grocery or best-of-all your Farmers Market. The problem with Farmers' Markets, however, is that they are not always honest. Many of the stands will tell you they are "pesticide free" yet they can provide no evidence for this claim. Last month I decided to visit my local Farmers' Market to see just how much true, certified ORGANIC goods a twenty dollar bill would buy me and I have to say I was impressed. Check out my bounty:

* 1/2 Gallon Raw Whole Milk
* 3 Apples
* 1 head of Cauliflower
* 3 full branches of Broccoli
* 3 heads of Red Leaf Lettuce

Had I gone to a chain grocer and NOT shopped organic, it would have cost me about the same amount. And my food would contain harmful pesticides. And it would have been trucked in from far away. And it would be older and not last as long in the refrigerator. would simply not compare when it comes to flavor.

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