Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ECO DEAL: Wooden Kitchen only $79!

I just had to post this amazing deal on a solid wood kitchen now being sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond for only $79. ($99, really, but when you use a 20% off coupon - which are available everywhere and NEVER expire, even though they have an expiration date -  which brings the steal-of-a-deal down to to $79.) What a terrific holiday gift - for little girls AND boys! Bed, Bath and Beyond is carrying a ton of other eco-friendly toys this holiday season so run to a store quick or log onto today before they sell out (because they will!).

TIP: The Bed, Bath and Beyond website will NOT honor 20% off coupons, but if you go into the store and have them place the online order for you, the store will honor the discount.

PS>> I have no connection to Bed, Bath and Beyond - other than loving the store and always being pleasantly surprised by the eco-choices you can find there. Such as organic sheets, Pyrex storage containers, 100% cotton washable curtains, real wood blinds, etc.

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