Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Glass Straws - A Great Alternative to Plastic

Eco-friendly Glass Straws
Glass straws - made from ALMOST unbreakable Pyrex - make an excellent alternative to plastic straws. We use them at our house for smoothies, shakes and coffee too (to help prevent coffee-colored teeth). As long as my kids stay put at the table when they use glass straws, I have no worries about breakage or kids getting hurt. Many online eco merchants now carry glass straws, but my favorite source is - which is run by an East Coast glass blower named Steph. Steph's been making glass straws by hand for over 6 years (I only know this - because that is how long ago we bought our first set from her online). When making her straws, Steph uses Borosilicate (otherwise known as Pyrex), a grade of glass reserved for only the most quality of glass utensils. Borosilicate is also the preferred glass of scientific laboratories because it is more durable and has more thermal resistance than most kitchen quality glass.

If you want to stop using plastic straws away from home too, you can buy a carrying case for your glass straws or a package of paper or corn biodegradable straws to pull out and use at restaurants or friends' homes. Stainless steel straws are another option, but you can't use them with hot beverages and they are harder to clean than glass (since you can't see too well if anything is still lurking inside).
CLEANING TIP: For gunked up glass straws (like those that hold onto smoothie particles), you'll want to use a small nipple brush. Otherwise, just toss them in the dishwasher.

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