Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Healthiest Cookware - Le Creuset

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I wanted to give praise to my favorite cookware of all time - the Le Creuset enamelled cast iron collection. Yes these puppies cost a fortune - per piece about the price of a designer dog actually - but so worth it. I have pieces in my "collection" (read: inherited from my mother-in-law) that are over 25 years old. Every few years I treat myself to a new piece. My favorite colors are teal and orange - but it's not about the pretty. It's about the quality, the health-conscious, aluminum-free, non-leaching eco composition, and the durability. I've had two pieces break over the last 25 years and Le Creuset immediately replaced both. No questions and no receipts required. Buy some Le Creuset today and in 25 years when you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner for your grown-up children you'll pat yourself on the back for being such a wise investor.

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